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Is Bread Healthy?

It is great to see that the topic bread is becoming more popular and more and more people are trying to find out what is going wrong with bread. Unfortunately this is usually caused by their own personal health issues. Isn’t it astonishing, that we only care about our health, when we are actually experiencing pain and health issues? We only have this ONE body here and now. And we should start now to take care of this one body and soul.

These are the three main ingredients and components for healthy bread: clean flour (without any enzymes or additives), water, salt plus time, knowledge and passion. Baking yeast can be added in small amounts to guarantee a timely stability and security during the production. If correctly prepared and processed seeds, fruits, nuts and other ingredients can serve as an enrichment for healthy bread. Nevertheless, neither for me nor anyone who is concerned about wellbeing and the digestive system, enzymes, chemicals and any other kind of additives do not belong in this category.

Unfortunately, the term sourdough bread is now being misused. In stores you are being offered bread which only contains a small portion of sourdough, just to be able to call it sourdough bread. But in reality this has nothing to do with the full fermentation of dough, and therefore the real and constitutional sourdough bread. These falsely called sourdough breads contain – besides the small portion of sourdough starter – still baking improvers, enzymes, chemicals, large quantities of yeast and salt. And the resting or fermentation periods prior to the baking are so short, that it is not even possible for the dough to build any health or nutrition benefits or if, then these are just hardly noticeable.

Today it is important, how bread is made – time saving, efficient, rational. It is also important how it looks, smells, tastes and feels. How fluffy it is. How even the pores are formed? How long can the bread be stored? But nobody is looking at the health benefits for our bodies and gut systems.



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