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Long-fermented sourdough bun/bread basket with organic butter, homemade jam/honey and your choice of one egg.

29 AED

A delicious breakfast with avocado, red radish, baby spinach, crispy turkey bacon, beetroot, mango chutney, rice and a fried egg on top. We serve it with miso sauce.

53 AED

Long-fermented sourdough bun/bread basket or vegan pretzels with organic butter, homemade jam, matured cheese, salami, turkey breast and two chicken cheese knackers (mini sausages) and one egg of your choice.

59 AED

Love a good savory pancake? You’ll have to give this delicious Korean style pancake with shrimps a try! Enjoy it with a spicy soy dipping sauce.

41 AED
01 BreadEggFast.jpg
03 Breakfast Bowl.jpg
02 Morning Feast.jpg
04 Heartbreaker Pancake.jpg
06 Avo Toast.jpg

A long-fermented sourdough bread slice with mashed avocado, red radish and rocket salad topped with an egg of your choice and served with grilled mushrooms and oven roasted veggies.

45 AED
05a Fitness break.jpg

Long fermented sourdough bread basket with our homemade avocado cream, cinnamon spiced beetroot humus, a herbal cream spread, two boiled eggs and three chicken cheese knackers (mini sausages), organic butter and wow…two slices of slow roasted organic grass-fed beef.

59 AED
07 Chia Chaka Laca.jpg

Fermented chia pudding made with almond milk and a cinnamon kick, with summer berries, honey and granola. Too good to share

39 AED
08 Pancake Session.jpg

Unforgettable moments are guaranteed with our organic whole grain wheat flour pancakes with a homemade chocolate hazelnut cream, organic agave syrup and vanilla whipped cream.

33 AED
09a Amazing French Toast.jpg

Known as "French toast", we make your breakfast special with the perfect balance of flavors soaked into our home-baked sourdough brioche and served with banana and strawberries.

45 AED
10a Cheese Me Up.jpg

Assorted high quality cheese from around the world, olives, grapes and walnuts! What else?!

59 AED
11 Brunch Platter.jpg
1 PAX  59 AED
2 PAX  99 AED

That’s the beginning of a Mediterranean journey with typical specialties originating from Italy, Spain, France and Greece. It consists of matured cheese, prosciutto, salami, olives, homemade humus and much more.

Break-it-fast VEGAN
13 Shaka Shaka Shouk.jpg

Our way of Shakshouka: Made with oven roasted capsicum, zucchini, tomatoes, onions, garlic and a homemade spice mix with vegan cheese topping.

45 AED
12 Green is Coola.jpg

Long-fermented sourdough bread basket with our homemade avocado cream, kitchen’s cucumber humus creation and oven roasted veggies topped with chef's cashew cream cheese and walnuts.

49 AED
14 Rich Egglette.jpg

This colorful rich chickpea omelette with contrasting rustic falafel is the perfect reward for a gym visit. 

41 AED
15 Breakfast Dosa.jpg

An Indian national dish which we do our way. We fill it with sweet potatoes, chickpeas, Indian spice mixes, mango chutney and coconut raita on the side.

45 AED
So Vegan
16 Indian Summer Burrito.jpg

The marriage of flavor and form, two cultures meet in one dish. We designed a burrito filled with hearty BBQ jack fruit turmeric curry and added spiced chickpeas, baby spinach, apples, onions and avocado. Everything is wrapped in a corn tortilla. Olé!

43 AED
17 Lentil Coconut Stew.jpg

Creamy Caribbean coconut lentil curry, made with lentils, cooked in an aromatic coconut curry sauce. It’s seasoned with Jamaican spices and loaded with vegetables. The perfect journey at any time of the day.

51 AED
18 Chocolate Chilli.jpg

Mysteriously chocolate adds depth and smoothness to chili. This tasty chili takes on the south-of-the-border flavor when chocolate is added to the pot. A delicious stew with beans, tomatoes, leeks on Jasmine rice

53 AED
19 Farm to Kitchen.jpg

We harvested our garden, hit up the farmer's market and emptied the crisper…to get this scrumptious salad on your plate! It’s great with quinoa and a fruity vinaigrette.

43 AED
20 Chickpea Burger.jpg

Chickpeas and bell peppers go amazingly well together, in both flavor and consistency. The crispy chickpeas perfectly contrast the grilled peppers' smoothness, almost meaty consistency. Accomplished with our kind of dill dunked cucumbers.

51 AED
22 Beetroot Burger.jpg

Creamy Caribbean coconut lentil curry, made with lentils, cooked in an aromatic coconut curry sauce. It’s seasoned with Jamaican spices and loaded with vegetables. The perfect journey at any time of the day.

53 AED
21 Lentil Burger.jpg

With roasted zucchini and green banana guacamole. The roasting of the vegetables creates an incredible and delicious flavor and the lentils give an excellent source of protein!

51 AED
24 Chicken Burger.jpg

Sometimes you're just craving a burger! This one is the right choice, when you like to taste our tender and juicy chicken burger with Carolina BBQ sauce, sauteed mushrooms and matured cheese.

59 AED
23 Steakhouse Burger.jpg

Designed for burger lovers! The grill is hot! Enjoy this amazing coffee rubbed Australian organic grass-fed beef patty topped with our homemade onion jam, BBQ sauce and gouda cheese.

63 AED
Fitness Goal
25 Lemongrass Salad.jpg

Spicy, sweet, sour! All these flavors are coming together in this colorful vermicelli salad with fresh organic vegetables and topped with grilled prawns.

49 AED
26 Summer Breeze.jpg

These homemade summer rolls are the perfect light dish, especially when dipped in our own peanut sauce. We roll five-spice braised brisket, rice noodles, crunchy vegetables, and fresh herbs into rice paper rolls.

41 AED
27 Poke Bowl.jpg

What is vibrant, delicious, and trendy? Yes, our spicy sushi poke bowl full of super fresh seafood (can vary) and colorful toppings. Discover our poke bowl with quinoa sushi rice, avocado, carrots, homemade pickled cucumbers, spring onions, cabbage and nori

59 AED
29 Spaetzle Goulash.jpg

Our own style of beef goulash (hearty beef stew), flavored with traditional spices. Served with a helping of homemade sourdough spaetzle (a type of German pasta) and our style of red cabbage stew.

43 AED
28 Curry Wurst.jpg

With homemade fruity mango chutney and a curried tomato sauce. Served with potato wedges on the side.

39 AED
Family Treasures
30 Vampires Blood.jpg

An inspired soup made of hearty beetroots, and a variety of fresh vegetables in which root vegetables and cabbage predominate. Served with fresh herbs and a dollop of sour cream.

23 AED
31 Pistacchio Salmon.jpg

A pistachio crust with just a dash of tangy lemon juice tops off this baked salmon. Tickle your taste buds with glazed carrots and our style of chili-garlic cucumber noodles.

79 AED
32 Lemony Chicken.jpg

Pan seared chicken breast pairs deliciously with caramelized onions, steamed rice with a big spoon of our creamy mushroom sauce.

59 AED
33 Meatball Game.jpg

Scrumptious meatballs in a mushroom caraway sauce, accompanied by Mediterranean mashed potatoes.

59 AED
34 Schnitzel.jpg

Simply a crunchy, sourdough breaded veal cutlet. Our schnitzel is paired with a hearty homemade potato salad. For a delicious twist, we are serving a Mediterranean tomato salsa on the side.

69 AED
35 Cold Cucumber Soup.jpg

Lighter than light and completely refreshing! This creamy cucumber soup makes a splendid appetizer. The cool, mellow flavor of cucumber pureed with cream, spices and fresh dill makes this dish so popular.

21 AED
36 Salmon Quiche.jpg

Amazing flavors are coming together in this crustless quiche - feta, olives, mozzarella cheese, salmon, edamame, chives and … don’t forget the immune booster - t u r m e r i c. 

43 AED
37 Thai Fusion Wok.jpg

Fusion is here! Thai rice noodles in collaboration with colorful organic veggies and a homemade sweet peanut sauce.

57 AED
38 Beef Kumara.jpg

These sweet potato sliders are loaded with goodies! BBQ pulled beef, caramelized apples and roasted sweet potato slices (Kumara) - and ready is a nutrient rich meal for everybody.

59 AED
43 Chicken Olala.jpg

A sandwich like no other! Tender organic chicken in marriage with our light homemade mayonnaise and Vietnamese slaw.

39 AED
44 Leberkas Schmankerl.jpg

Memories are coming back with our version of a grilled chicken and veal meatloaf with sweet German mustard and sauerkraut in a sourdough pretzel baguette.

41 AED
45 Golden Summer Jack.jpg

Smoky! Hearty! Tender! BBQ flavor! Crunchy slaw! Just yummy! Pulled BBQ jackfruit in a sourdough ciabatta bread.

39 AED
46 Roastbeef Sandwich.jpg

These sweet potato sliders are loaded with goodies! BBQ pulled beef, caramelized apples and roasted sweet potato slices (Kumara) - and ready is a nutrient rich meal for everybody.

59 AED
Keto / Low Carb
47 Spicy Salmon Salad.jpg

This fresh version of salmon tartare (raw fish) with avocado and mango. It is like a volcano on your tongue!  Comes with home-baked keto seed crackers.

59 AED
49 Lollipops.jpg

Delicious grilled juicy lamb chops with smashed mint broad beans and homemade turnip raspberry risotto. That’s a good choice!

79 AED
48 Monte Christo.jpg

Two keto bread slices, delicious crushed avocado egg salad, rocket salad, grilled bacon cubes, tomato salsa and fresh coriander - just as good as the real thing!

49 AED
50 Steak & Friends.jpg

200g Australian organic grass-fed beef strips with warm tomato salsa and sweet potato mash

99 AED
51 Sweet Potato Plum Hash.jpg

Sweet potatoes, crispy from outside and tender inside. The sweet potatoes help this hash earn a healthy recipe gold medal! We just added chicken cheese sausages, plums, and topped it with scrambled eggs…ready is the hash!

43 AED
52 Carrot Cake Oatmeal.jpg

Grain-free oatmeal made with our long-fermented sourdough oat bread, walnuts, coconut, carrots, pumpkin and warming spices. This meal is rich in fiber and full of hearty ingredients.

35 AED
Pizza (after 12pm)
39 Queen Margherita.jpg

Homemade tomato sauce, tomatoes, mozzarella cheese, basil

39 AED
41 Veggiamo.jpg

Homemade tomato sauce, mushrooms, artichokes, tomatoes, olives, mozzarella cheese

43 AED
40 Rock the Salmon.jpg

Homemade tomato sauce, tomatoes, salmon, rocket salad, sour cream

55 AED
42 BBQ Chicken Pizza.jpg

Homemade BBQ sauce, tender BBQ chicken, onions, mozzarella cheese

49 AED
53 Sausage Roll.jpg

The perfect break between your games. Grilled chicken cheese sausages, lettuce, a light mayonnaise and cucumber in a sourdough pretzel bun

17 AED
54 Ciao Pasta.jpg

Gluten-free penne pasta with creamy butter sauce and tender chicken. That’s your favorite 

25 AED
55 Chicken Pops.jpg

Sourdough breaded chicken balls with a homemade tomato dipping sauce will give you the right power to go on!

27 AED
56 Cucumber Boat.jpg

A halved cucumber filled with mini meatballs and a sweet and sour tomato sauce. On the side, we serve mashed potatoes. It’s worth to share…

25 AED
57 Banana Sushi.jpg

One banana covered with fruits, chocolate sauce and homemade butter cake crumbs. We call it simply "Sushi". A great choice to grow!

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