Bakers Kitchen Soul Food
Bakers Kitchen Soul Food
Bakers Kitchen Soul Food

Shrimposaidon (Protein)
Weight Management/menstrual pain relief
A light dish filled with grilled Shrimps, leeks, Feta Cheese and couscous


10 Spice Chocolate Chilli
(add Chicken or Beef) – Chicken 7, Beef 11
Arthritis/Osteoporosis pain killer/relief Asthma
Spice up your day with roasted spices, veggies and seeds
– Get happy


Rocca Salmon Spelt Pizza
Skin and Eye power
Crunchy Spelt crust, topped with tomato sauce, smoked Salmon, rocca


Mr. Bombastic (Protein Bomb)
Promotes Muscle Maintenance and Growth/Helps accelerate
healing wounds
Delicious grilled Texas style Steak and roasted Veggies, Coconut Sweet Potato puree


Veggie & Lentil Potato Pie (Vegetarian)
Lowers Cholesterol/Improves Blood Flow
Heartful vegetarian dish – low in calories and high in nutritions


Bakers Twisted Hawaiian Poke Bowl
Cardiovascular Health/Increases Efficiency of brain functions
Poke is cooked and raw, hot and cold – all at the same time, a comfort
and healthy protein meal. Yummy marinated Salmon and a hula hoop
with veggies


Chicken Pome (Protein)
Muscle Growth/Anti-Inflammatory Effects
Herbal Crust as topping on tender Chicken breast with
Pomegranate sprinkles


Thai Pumpkin Laksa (add Chicken or Beef)
Antibacterial, anti-fungal and antimicrobial Properties
(add Chicken or Beef) – Chicken 7, Beef 11
A coconut curry noodle Soup with an intense fragrance & Beef
dense flavor.