Chicken Pops
Muscle Growth and Development
Crispy Chicken breast pops with a sweet BBQ Sauce


Meatza Pizza (Paleo, gluten free)
Bone builder
Meatza is a grain-less pizza where the crust is made of ground beef


Meat a ball
Memory Support
Mini Beef Meat Balls with Honey-Carrots and Puree


Kids Eats

Baker’s Kitchen is a family owned business and so we love having kids visit us at our restaurant. All of our food is made with healthy and natural ingredients which are great for kids to help them grow up healthy and strong. But we also realise that children love their own style of food so we created a selection of kids eats just for them.

First, we have chicken breast pops which is a healthy alternative to the traditional chicken pieces. We serve ours with a nice tangy sweet BBQ sauce.

Next, comes along our ‘Meatza Pizza’ which is a gluten-free pizza where the crust is made from ground beef. Very tasty but much easier to digest and enjoy.

Finally, we have our ‘Meat a ball’ which consists of meat balls with carrots and a puree that helps

Now as we said, we have a full range of other food for the whole family for which many items will be loved by the kids as well. For those kids with a sweet tooth, we have a range of cakes, bread, biscuits and more. The difference is that our cakes, bread and biscuits are made with the best ingredients.

We also provide a full range of healthy drinks including juices, shakes and bottled water for all of your children’s needs. You can check out our menu selection here and you can call us or visit us by checking out here.

Please come and visit us soon!