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Kids Baking

Kids Baking at Baker’s Kitchen. We are passionate about teaching kids how to make healthy food. It’s important to teach great habits at an early age so that our children can learn all about healthy food and grow up to be strong and healthy adults. Kids Baking is our offering to the children of the UAE. Let’s show them how to make healthy and tasty food!

Kids Baking is all about teaching groups of children about how to bake healthy food; bread and cakes. A group of children is brought together at one location. The kids can be from the same school, or perhaps a large group of family and friends. Once the group is ready we take them through the different stages of preparing and making their own bread from first principles.

kids baking bakers kitchen

We believe it’s very important to show children how food is made and where it comes from. By exploring the origins of our food we can teach the children the difference between good and bad ingredients, how food is prepared, why natural ingredients are always best, and about health and safety when preparing food.

The event is organised and run by Sven and Heike, along with their own daughter Maya, the Bakers Kitchen Ambassador!

kids baking bakers kitchen

During the event, the children create their own sourdough under guidance fro Sven and then shape into bread or cakes. Once completed, the food is baked in an oven and then once it has cooled down, everyone can enjoy!

So if you belong to a school, or if you want to do something fun for a special event like a birthday then call

Sven 050 480 0217

The location is typically at our current restaurant but can also be hosted elsewhere subject to having the right size and facilities. Call Sven to chat with him and we will organise everything.

The Kids Baking show is there for the children of the UAE to learn about healthy food and eating.

kids baking bakers kitchen