Bakers Kitchen UAE Japanese Restaurant Cuisine
Bakers Kitchen UAE Japanese Restaurant Cuisine

Bakers Kitchen Special (Protein)
Immune System
Seafood Surprise, Chili Mayonaise, Spring Onion,Tobiko


Sushi Doughnuts
Vitality Support 


Japanese Restaurant Cuisine

Baker’s Kitchen has a particular passion for Japanese cuisine as our top chef, Heike Voight, was the first European Sushi Master. Having spent some time in Japan working in a Sushi restaurant she returned to Europe with a real love for their food and an opportunity to experiment and add her own twist of its unique flavors.

Our other passion is eating healthy food and our Japanese Restaurant Cuisine is a great example of our interest in providing tasty, healthy food. We have designed our menu around healthy food and you can see this in the information that we publish in the men which you can see here.

If you look at the menu you can see that we have calculated the nutritional value of each offering because we feel it’s very important to educate all of our customers about food. We also list the benefits of the food to your body because there is no substitute for eating organic food to help sustain your metabolism.

We have called our Sushi dishes, Fushi because they are a fusion of traditional Sushi mixed with unique flavors. We have three choices for our Fushi range; the Baker’s Kitchen Special which contains seafood, chili mayonnaise, spring onion and tobiko. Then we have our Spicy Tuna Hero which has Spicy Tuna, Pumpkin, Cucumber, and Sesame Chili Sauce, and then finally the Rainbow Sky with Avocado, Carrot, Cucumber, Beetroot, Apple and Lettuce. As you can see we have put our own twist on the classic Sushi dish.

We love food so come over and visit us. You can find us here.