Dubai Salad
Dubai Salad
Dubai Salad

Buddha Bowl
Improved Nutrition & Strengthening your immune system
Top 10 Super-foods in One bowl. Chia Seeds, Goi berries,
Seaweed & Beetroot are the highlights


Thai Soul Salad
Lowers the blood Sugar
Fresh and lemony flavours with grilled Steak


Rock me Baby
Building healthy bones
A new Style of Pasta Salad, crunchy and delicious


Roasted Veggie Pasta Salad
Calorie Burner 
Roasted Vegetable, Baby Spinnach, Feta Cheese and Pesto Dressing


Crazy Crab Dive
Supports Red Blood Cell Production
The perfect summertime salad; light and fresh


Dubai Salad

There is nothing like the taste of a fresh organic salad. Our Dubai salad choices provide a wide range of exotic flavors as we have added unique flavors and styles to this traditional dish.

First off we have our classic Chicken Ceasar Salad where we have added some mystery ingredients! This dish is very good for muscles, joints, bones and nerves.

Next is our Grilled Veggie Feta Salad which includes roasted vegetables and a feta topping, suitable of course for vegetarians. This dish is great for your whole body.

Following on is our Fitness Salad which is full of protein. If you have regular workouts and are looking to build muscle then this is the one for you. With a spicy twist, this dish contains a variety of pulses and beans with a tomato and mint dressing.

And finally, we have our Buddha Bowl! This one we have created to include 10 different super foods such as Chia Seeds, Goi Berries, Seaweed, & Beetroot to really boost every part of your body.

We love creating healthy and tasty food, and we have a wide range choices on our menu that you can see here.