Bakers Kitchen Restaurant UAE Dip Eats
Bakers Kitchen UAE Restaurant Dip Eat
Bakers Kitchen UAE Restaurant Dip Eat

Rosted Beet Hummus
Decreases Risk of Obesity
Roasted Beetroot, Chickpeas, Tahini


Grape Salsa (spicy)
Asthma Helper
Grapes, Jalapenos, Spring Onions


Garden Veggie Dip (Vegetarian)
Controls Blood Cholesterol
Cream Cheese and garden selected herbs



Bakers Kitchen Restaurant Dip and Eats are tasty succulent combinations of flavors that will excite your taste buds! We provide a wide range of choices for every taste and style, so come on down and try them out.

All of our dips will be served with fresh salads and vegetables, or you can add additional items such as our tasty bread.

First, we have our Apple Butter and BBQ flavors which ar great for the nerves and your energy levels. Next, we have or Thai Peanut spicy dip which contains coconut milk, lemon grass, and cream cheese, wonderful for your digestion amongst other benefits for your body.

After this comes the Roasted Beet Hummus which is a local favorite in the UAE and is good for the joints. After that comes our Rocca Mint Pesto which contains Parmesan Cheese, Pine Nuts, Mint, and Roco. A great combination of tastes with many benefits for your body.

Up next is our Sweet Onion Cabbage Relish which is great digestion and energy levels and finally we have another spicy favorite, namely our Grape Salsa, which contains Grapes, Jalapenos, and Spring Onions. This is particularly good for asthma sufferers.

Of course, all of these items can be part of your lunch or dinner along with the rest of our menu which you can see here.