Breakfast Dubai

Wall Street
The Baker’s Bread, grilled Sausage, Scrambled Eggs, Butter, Jam, Tea/Coffee & Orange Juice


Chill Out
The Baker’s bread, Scrambled Eggs, Butter, Cold Cuts Cheese, Jam, Tea/Coffee & Orange Juice


Shakshouka (vegetarian)
Middle Eastern Eggs with Tomatoes, Pinach & Spices


Egg Bread Bowl
Digestion supporter
Bread bowl filled with Beetroot scrambled Eggs and herbs


Gluten free Oat Pancakes
Pregnancy and Athletics Support
Pancakes made with Oats & Cottage Cheese, Fruit topping


Breakfast Dubai

As we all know, breakfast in the most important meal of the day. We all lead busy lives so it’s important to feed the body the right fuel to give you energy and nutrients for the day.

Here at Baker Kitchen, we are passionate about healthy food so we have created a menu that has a wide range of choices for all tastes. Our range includes pancakes, fruit, yoghurt, bread, croissants, cakes, meat and complemented with a wide range of drinks including protein shakes, juices, and coffees.

If you look at our newspaper style menu here, you can see that we have calculated the nutritional value of all our dishes and explained the health benefits of each one. Fuel is important to the body but it must be the right fuel. There is no point consuming bad food every day if you want to remain fit and healthy, so you must be careful of your choices.

Our work lives are stressful and busy but eating the right food will go a long way to maintaining energy levels and optimising your body to be healthy and strong.

For you convenience, Bakers Kitchen can deliver your food directly to your office or home so that it is there waiting for you.