Bakers Kitchen Facility Management LLC (Trading as Bakers Kitchen)


Sven Bakers Kitchen UAE

Sven Mostegl – Baker by passion
He received his education in the master bakery of his family in Germany. The father has been also his teacher and was an acknowledged professional in his field. Following his professional qualification as baker and confectioner Sven left Germany and cruised around the world. He combines knowledge, experiences and his passion to create foods with supposed health benefits – super food. Always looking for fresh solutions one of Sven’s immense assets is his master in Engineering and Project Management. At the EXPO 2000 in Germany he led one of the most spectacular food concepts to the success.

Heike Bakers Kitchen UAE

Heike Voigt – Chef by conviction
The Chef is among many other amazing cooking skills the first European Sushi Master. Food design runs in her blood. Heike – always on a search for modern, healthy food and intellectual nourishment – loves to fuse interesting ingredients and new flavours into stunning creations. The Chef opens taste buds on the tongue where you would not have thought that they even exist. You can see it on your plate – fusion is her cuisine, light fresh super food and healthy surprises her repertoire.

Bakers Kitchen

Bakers Kitchen is a German restaurant and bakery located in multiple locations across the UAE. Please check here for the latest locations. We are a family owned business, the restaurant combines a full-service menu with selections from Asia and Europe and a German bread bakery with over 40 types of different bread and cakes. Different dishes include salads, soups, Fushi (sushi fusion). meat, poultry, and many others. Over 95% of the food is prepared fresh on-site every day using only organic ingredients where possible. The owners, Sven and Heike, are obsessed with healthy nutritional food and they publish this information in their newspaper style menu with a complete breakdown of the nutritional value of each dish and its benefits to your health. The bakery is designed to make bread and cakes using traditional sourdough bread with no added preservatives of other chemicals. This leads to the healthier bread which can be easily digested. Specialist bread is also available such as Oat (no gluten) and bread made entirely from seeds. They also serve a wide range of healthy and organic drinks such as compotes (fruit based drink over a 1000 years old!), aloe vera juices, teas, coffees, spa water and many others. The restaurant can also cater for parties either there or off-site and also holds regular events throughout the year. In addition, we teach children how to bake and run baking sessions for them at the weekend. Our goal is to teach people how to make healthy and tasty food which helps children to grow strong. Daily specials are available to always ask the staff when you visit! The restaurant has a sit-down facility and can also deliver anywhere in the UAE.


TEL : +971 56 824 0790